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Looking for - our interactive theatre troupe?

Click HERE to check out our troupe's page.

Or better yet, click HERE to learn about and get tickets to our Mardi Gras themed murder mystery dinner shows near the cruise ports in Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana!

Mediation, arbitration, facilitated decision-making, partnership and contract negotiations, and more 

Collaborative consulting, partnership formations and dispute resolution, ongoing advising, general counsel (legal representation), and more

Collaborative musical and theatrical writing and performance, improv and acting development, interactive entertainment, dinner theatre, murder mysteries, community theatre development and promotion, public speaking training, cruise excursions, and more

Enjoyable and engaging corporate retreats with leadership, communication, and negotiation training, and more

Sales, investments, property management, development, estate planning, and more

Performing arts and community theatre, collaborative music and theatrical development, law student and bar review, and more

Continuing legal and mediator education development and delivery, leadership and advocacy training, and more

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